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During the summer months, downtown Rapid City, South Dakota comes alive each Thursday with Summer Nights, a free weekly event featuring an art walk, food, beer and live music from some of the area's hottest bands. The Rapid City music scene can also be experienced in local venues such as the Firehouse Brewing Co., with larger touring acts visiting the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center.

The people featured here are all professional audio engineers and/or music producers who have received a top-shelf education in professional audio from the Recording Connection Audio Institute in Rapid City, SD. Each of these talented individuals was trained one-on-one in actual Rapid City recording studios by some of the finest producers and engineers in the business today--and each is uniquely qualified to handle your professional audio needs. Please consult their professional websites to learn more about what they offer. For more information about becoming a student of the Recording Connection yourself, please click here.

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Latest Blog Entries from Recording Connection Students in Rapid City, SD

Blog Entry Chapter 3

Posted By Cory Gould

I really liked this chapter! It was nice to get to learn all about the all of the audio formats and the different types of digital recorders that are out there. I also really liked the history lesson on the Fairlight CMI... Read More


Posted By Cory Gould

This was a really helpful chapter. I've always been super curious how electricity traveled whether it be analog or digital. Read More

In studio

Posted By Brandyn Rowley

The past couple of weeks have been a little rough. There has been sickness and cancelled sessions but a lot of learning. Last i was in the studio we touched base on all of the crazy effects of pro tools... Read More

Blog Entry Chapter 1

Posted By Cory Gould

During this chapter I learned a great deal about how sound is made and the fundamentals of hearing. I never thought I would ever learn about these things. I am greratful to the program for adding these subjects... Read More

Studio session 4

Posted By Brandyn Rowley

This week we are focusing in on the microphone set up and how the different styles of mics. The different styles of microphones have a unique sound to them depending on which you use, and their compatibility with the object/person you are using them on will give you a different feel... Read More

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