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Raleigh, North Carolina, along with Chapel Hill and Durham, forms what is known to locals simply as "The Triangle" in the central part of the state. This area is home to vibrant arts culture, including an active and diverse music scene with genres ranging from indie-rock to punk and metal. Notable musicians with ties to Raleigh include Clay Aiken, Ryan Adams and post-hardcore band Alesana, and local recording studios have serviced recording artists from labels such as Island/Def Jam, Jive Records and Mercury.

The people you see featured here are all professional music producers and/or audio engineers who received top-shelf training in Raleigh recording studios as students of the Recording Connection of Raleigh, NC. Each of them has been privately trained by some of the best audio professionals in the business, and each is highly qualified to handle your professional audio needs. Please consult their individual websites for more information about the services they offer, as well as to learn more about the benefits of attending the Recording Connection Audio Institute.

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Latest Blog Entries from Recording Connection Students in Raleigh, NC

Chapter One

Posted By Jordan Hinton

In chapter one I learned that sounds are vibrations.  They are waves travelling through mediums, disrupting the air molecules around them.  These waves move back and forth in waveform.  The forward movement is referred to as compression and the backwards movement is referred to as rarefraction... Read More

Posted By Karen Chavez

This day we didnt do much in the studio but go over this section and the past lesson more in dept. Read More

Posted By Karen Chavez

After our lesson Matt showed me the type of formats. We went indept to about the chapter. Everytime we go over the lesson during he stops and makes sure I understand everything. Shows me examples on his computer or on Youtube... Read More

Day 2

Posted By Karen Chavez

This day we went over chapter 1 and 2. More than half of the time went to going over the first chapter. Chapter 2 didnt take as long since its not as lenghty. He also showed me an EQ. Told me the different settings depending in how you want it for... Read More

Day 1

Posted By Karen Chavez

Day 1 there wasnt much to it. There was a confusing because my mentor was use to using the book rather than online. Matt gave me a more indept look in the studio explaining as much as he could. Told me the basic ideas of alot of the equipment including the big board... Read More

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