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Frank Sinatra. Dean Martin. Wayne Newton. Debbie Reynolds. Elvis. Cher. Liberace. Celine Dion. Toni Braxton. Ne-Yo. There are few iconic entertainers who have not at some point performed in one of the many venues in Las Vegas, the 'Entertainment Capital of the World.' Las Vegas not only draws thousands of entertainers and millions of tourists from around the globe, but it also spawns plenty of talent locally, as evidenced by alt-rock bands The Killers and Panic! at the Disco.

The people featured on this page are professional music producers and/or audio engineers who got their start in one of Las Vegas' world-class recording studios, apprenticing one-on-one with music industry pros through Recording Connection Audio Institute in Las Vegas, NV. We encourage you to visit the professional websites of these remarkable individuals to discover more about the benefits of attending Recording Connection, or if you are in need of their audio services. For more information on the Recording Connection Audio Institute, click here.

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Latest Blog Entries from Recording Connection Students in Las Vegas

Chapter 4/Week 4

Posted By Javier Melendez

This week was all about connectivity. We started off with a quick chapter 4 review, and I had the chance to ask about a few things I needed clarification on. One question I had was what the difference between a balanced and unbalanced cable was, and why balanced was a better option... Read More

Week 2

Posted By Kuron Tyus

Week 2 was great. Learned a lot by just observing. Sat in on a rap session and learned new ways to track. We also recorded live bass. Had some real life conversations with my mentors about things you wont find in a book... Read More

Chapter 3/Week 3

Posted By Javier Melendez

This week at Audio Mix House, I went over a chapter review of digital audio with Luis... Read More


Posted By Kuron Tyus

My first week at the Recording Connection was nothing short of awesome! Day one I was in the studio with one of my mentors, Triv, ( who happens to specialize in rap/ hip hop) and an established artist during a mixing session... Read More

Chapter 2/Week 2

Posted By Javier Melendez

Another chapter done, and more good days spent at Audio Mix House. On Monday, Luis and I did a quick chapter review and talked about how good basic knowledge of electronics was useful in the studio... Read More

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