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Frank Sinatra. Dean Martin. Wayne Newton. Debbie Reynolds. Elvis. Cher. Liberace. Celine Dion. Toni Braxton. Ne-Yo. There are few iconic entertainers who have not at some point performed in one of the many venues in Las Vegas, the 'Entertainment Capital of the World.' Las Vegas not only draws thousands of entertainers and millions of tourists from around the globe, but it also spawns plenty of talent locally, as evidenced by alt-rock bands The Killers and Panic! at the Disco.

The people featured on this page are professional music producers and/or audio engineers who got their start in one of Las Vegas' world-class recording studios, apprenticing one-on-one with music industry pros through Recording Connection Audio Institute in Las Vegas, NV. We encourage you to visit the professional websites of these remarkable individuals to discover more about the benefits of attending Recording Connection, or if you are in need of their audio services. For more information on the Recording Connection Audio Institute, click here.

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Latest Blog Entries from Recording Connection Students in Las Vegas

Learning Mics

Posted By British Kellogg

This week at the studio I was able to review all different types of mics that the studio had. I was able to see all the mics from the textbook, along with many others. One of the most interesting ones I saw was the Neumann U67 tube condenser... Read More

First Week In The Studio

Posted By British Kellogg

The first day in the studio was exciting. I helped Josh tear down and put away equipment from a Celine Dion horn section session from the previous day. It's so incredible to know that I'm going to be that close to real professional musicians... Read More

In the beginning

Posted By Jeffrey Riggs

This has been a good eye opener for understanding the information I will visually see on screen and how it translates to vocals or instruments. Lots of terms=Lots of memorization. Fun stuff. Read More

F@#! Chapter 3

Posted By Mandy Iacono

Chapter 3 was definitely a challenge. After re reading it at least 3 times, I had to reassure myself that it will all come in time. Being able to have studio time will help me with the things I might not understand on paper... Read More

Kenetic Beats

Posted By Alejandro Rodriguez-Dawson

Las Vegas is like the 9th island of Hawaii where me and a lot of people I know in vegas are from hawaii. So me and a couple of friends had this idea to get all the good hawaii rappers to come together and do a cypher together... Read More

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